We present The ISSIMO Fruit Family

The creators of the award-winning Vermutissimo are very happy to present The ISSIMO Fruit Family.

What is The ISSIMO Fruit Family?

The ISSIMO Fruit Family are several unique liquid recipes of natural fruits and spices packaged in single doses that, added to an alcoholic beverage, transform it into an exceptional, fruity and low alcoholic cocktail.

Very simple and fast

The taste of the cocktail is always the same and is exceptional.

Serve the preferred alcoholic beverage (with or without ice and combined or not with a refreshment), add the liquid from a capsule (or two) of the variety of The ISSIMO Fruit Family you like the most, stir and serve to enjoy it.

One capsule nuances the drink, two capsules smooth it.

Once the drink is prepared with The ISSIMO Fruit Family you can customize the presentation with botanicals.

Which drinks is The ISSIMO Fruit Family combined with?

Each variety of The ISSIMO Fruit Family combines well with one or several drinks.

There are varieties of The ISSIMO Fruit Family to combine with vermouth, gin, rum, whisky, wines, sparkling wines, bitter and even beer.

How to buy The ISSIMO Fruit Family?

All varieties are available at www.issimofamily.com.

The purchase is easy and you will receive it quickly within 24 to 72 hours.